Fireside Chats

With a cup of tea in hand and grouped around a cosy fire, guests will be able to explore rarely or never seen treasures from the Bute Collection. From 18th century costume and a beautifully embroidered bible once belonging to King Charles I, to an insight into the laborious craft of tapestry weaving, the series is designed to fascinate and stimulate. Aimed at anyone with an interest in learning more about what lies behind the scenes at Mount Stuart is warmly welcome.

Join us for a series of informal, monthly Fireside Chats to celebrate the colder season of the year and to explore some rarely or never seen treasures from the Bute Collection. November to March, the first Thursday of the month, 11:30 to 12:30.

No prior expertise required, simply bring your curiosity, book your place and enjoy.

Individual events priced at £9.50 non-member/£5.00 member. Tea/coffee and shortbread included.

6th February: Explore the world of weaving, dying and designing tapestries. Mount Stuart houses some remarkable tapestries and in this session you will learn about the craft behind these amazing artifacts.

5th March: Treasures from the Bute Collection. Discover the oldest, the newest, the biggest, the smallest, the most famous, the least known and the most recent acquisitions preserved in this interactive session.

Fireside Chats